Enjoy the best activities in Abu Dhabi

Activities in Abu Dhabi
Aktivitäten in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has more to offer than just impressive buildings and desert sand. Here we have put together all activities you can experience.  You would love to have a romantic dinner, a special lunch with your friends or co-workers, discover flora & fauna like in the mangroves, go fishing in the Persian Gulf or visit the legendary Formula 1 race track, maybe even drive a racing car yourself?


The you are right here!


Take a look at what we have prepared for you and we are constantly looking for new attractions.


Enjoy different activities in Abu Dhabi

Sunset cruise Abu Dhabi
Sunset boat tour

Sunset Cruise in Abu Dhabi

  • A great way to see a different perspective of Abu Dhabi
  • Have a gentle cruise for the sunset 
  • With luck you will see some dolphins, flamingos and the wild gazelles

Abu Dhabi Water sport activities
Action & Fun Water sport in Abu Dhabi

Sport & Fun in the water you will experience in Abu Dhabi

Fun and water sports are very popular. Try it!

  • Flybord
  • Wakebord
  • donut
  • Big Mable
  • butterfly
  • Banana boat


Dhow Dinner Tour - Abu Dhabi
Dhow Dinner Tour

Traditional Dhow Tour with a Dinner Buffet

  • Dreamlike evening-cruise on a Dhow
  • Enjoy a Dinner Buffet
  • Relax on board with a view of illuminated Skyline along the Corniche

Quad Bike Tour-Abu Dhabi
Quad Bike Adventure

Quad Bike Adventure

  • Ride through the desert with quad bikes!
  • Experience a lot of fun at this adventure
  • Later you can rest in the desert camp and cool down with a few soft drinks

Rent a SUP
Stand up paddling in Abu Dhabi

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

  • With your stand-up paddle you will have a lot of fun

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Tickets
Formula1 Grand Prix
Formula1 Grand Prix book your ticket
Formula1 Grand Prix book your ticket

Live at the Grand Prix

This year's Grand Prix offers their ticket-holders the best price-performance-ratio!  

  • Exclusive access to the entertainment sector
  • Concerts after the race

Enjoy access to after-race concerts corresponding to the day of validity of your ticket. All Ticket Holders enjoy access to the Thursday concert. If you purchase a 3-day ticket, you will enjoy access to all concerts. Artist Line-up to be confirmed at a later stage. 3-day ticket holder ONLY enjoy access to the Thursday public Pit Lane Walk (TBC).

Yas 3000 drive yourself
Racing Experience Yas 3000

Racing Experience Formula Yas 3000

  • Become a race driver yourself for a day
  • Feel the adrenalin while speeding up
  • Experience Formula Yas 3000 in action

Falcon hospital Abu Dhabi
Falcon Tour Abu Dhabi

Tour to the Falcon- Hospital

  • Watch the falconers while they are working
  • Get an impression of the tradition at the falcon museum
  • Observe the falcon at their freefall

Kayak Mangroves Activities Abu Dhabi
Kayak in the Mangroves

Mangroves Tour

  • Pleasurable peace in the mangroves
  • Glide slowly with your kayak through the water
  • Discover the diversity of plants and wildlife

Fishing Tour Abu Dhabi
Fishing in the Persian Gulf

Private Fishing Tour in the Persian Gulf

  • Relaxing fishing trip in the Persian Gulf
  • Enjoy the peace on board
  • Well equipped boats with equipment

Jetski Abu Dhabi
Jetski Adventure

Jetski Adventure in Abu Dhabi

Here comes the ultimate adventure for all everyone who wants to raise their adrenaline levels.

You couldn't find your dream trip? Please feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

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