A visit to the Falcon Hospital

Tour to the Falcon Hospital

Visit the famous Falcon Hospital with the museum of falconry and get an insight into the long-standing tradition of falconry.

  • observe the majestic raptors
  • watch the falconer at work
  • see the falcons in the bird house

In this hospital the falcons are kept not because they are sick, they  are 100% healthy, and the  goal is to keep them healthy.

Additional information:

  • Available: daily, except Friday, Saturday and public holidays
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Start: 10 AM or 2 PM
  • If you booked the Transfer Option, we let you know your exact pickup time with our Tour confirmation.
  • Languages: English
  • Dress code: upscale casual wear
  • Other: don't forget your camera
  • Bookable: from 1 persons


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Falcons has very high prestige in the Emirates

The falcon is a majestic raptor, which has very high prestige in the Emirates. The falcons in the UAE have their own "hospital", it is called Falcon Hospital.


This is a special institution, which specialized in the treatment of falcons. It was opened on 3rd of October 1999 and has already recorded over 65000 “patients”. The beautiful falcons are treated there, e.g. their beaks, claws, wings etc.  

The "hospital" is located a little bit outside of the center of Abu Dhabi and near the International Airport.


A spacious museum belongs to the "hospital", which will give you an interesting insight into the traditional falconry. You can also admire there the numerous special falconer tools and devices. 


Each falcon is registered, they receive an ID and enjoy among others, "manicure and pedicure" and feather repair service. It is not an easy job to foster falcons.

You can watch the falcons in free flight in the large aviary. To always remember this tour, you can have your photo taken with a falcon on your arm.

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