Formula Yas 3000 - RACING ADVENTURE

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Do you want to be a racer at least once in your life? Experience the fantastic feeling of a professional racing driver driving a 3000cc V6 engine. This racing car was especially developed by high-performance Formula 1 engineer company  Cosworth.

  • Drive a racing car by yourself, on your own
  • Feel the adrenalin while speeding up to extreme speeds
  • Enjoy a Formula Yas 3000 in real action

Additional information:

  • Available: if available
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Start: morning or afternoon
  • Languages: English, Arabic
  • Participants: max. 5 cars
  • Dress code: your clothes must cover arms and legs, firm shoes with soft soles, no sandals or heels
  • Other: valid driving licence minimum 1 year old (from age 19-25 minimum 2 years old)
  • Minimum age: 19 years
  • Minimum size 160 cm, maximum 188 cm, maximum weight 105 kg
  • Your friends can come along as spectators


üDrive the Formula Yas 3000  (3,0 L, V6)

üEquipment, helmet

Not inclusive:

ûInsurance, it can be chosen at the location

ûVideo of your drive (you have to pay extra)


Please book on time. While booking, please specify an alternate date! You will receive your date with your exact time by email. 

  • Valid driver`s licence
  • You must be familiar with a shift gear (drivers of only automatic cars not allowed)
  • Your size: minimum 160 cm, maximum 188 cm and maximum weight restriction is 105 kg
  • It is not allowed to take cameras on board, there are two cameras in the car, which will record during the ride. You can purchase this film after the ride.
  • Safety precautions and medical care are provided
  • It is not allowed to drink alcohol or to arrive intoxicated to the event. Violations will have to be reported.

Pick your preferred date and book directly online!

Appointment confirmation or replacement within 24 hours.

payment systems
Payment Systems

Terms of cancellation:

  •  Cancellations is not possible.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the following contracts: contracts for the provision of services in the field of accommodation for purposes other than a habitation, transport of goods, car rental, the supply of food and beverages and other services related to leisure activities if the contract has a specific date or period.

To be a racing driver yourself - the dream of every motor sport fan!

Now the dream can finally come true.

Step into the footsteps of a racing driver and experience how it feels to drive a racing car. Before you get into the race car, you will first receive your racing equipment, helmet and detailed instruction. After that, you will start the slow instruction sessions in a Renault, while your trainer will explain the circuit and how you can take any turn.


Then we will go back to the boxes where you will learn a little about the inner life of your racing car.

Are you ready?

Ready to feel every stroke, every ripple, every sensation of your racing car? Then buckle up - and off you go! You have never been more close to a driving machine!

A maximum of 5 racing cars will be driven per unit and your trainer will accompany you on the sidelines.

Be very concentrated, your every little movement has an immediate effect on the racing car.


Your tour will be recorded and evaluated later with your trainer to improve your technique. If you wish, you can purchase your video.


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