Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Desert Safaris in Abu Dhabi
Wüstensafari in Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari with Dune Bashing
Desert Safari with Dune Bashing 4x4

Desert safaris are a particularly popular highlight.


Explore the endless sand mountains around Abu Dhabi and the Liwa Desert. The earliest safari starts in the morning before sunrise, because that's exactly what we want to show you in the desert. If you prefer not to get up so early, you can start after sunrise. On one of our safaris, you'll ride on a camel, and wander the desert on your back. Or head for the footsteps of Star Wars in the Liwa Desert: the "Empty Quarter", as the Rub Al Khali is called, served as a movie backdrop.


Enjoy the endless space, the spectacular landscape, the feeling of freedom and the legendary silence.

Our amazing desert safari tours in Abu Dhabi

Dune Bashing - Abu Dhabi
Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi

Halfday- Desert safari with BBQ Dinner

  • Discover the impressive sand dunes 
  • Let us introduce you to the Arabian hospitality
  • Admire the traditional belly dancers
  • BBQ under the starry sky

Desertsafari- Sunrise Abu Dhabi
Desert safari - sunrise

Desert Tour into the sunrise

  • Enjoy the sunrise in the desert
  • Fun and action at the dune bashing
  • Relax at a breakfast table in the desert camp

Desert tour - Abu Dhabi
Desert safari with overnight stay

Abu Dhabi - Overnight desert safari

  • Experience an exciting desert safari with dune bashing in Land Cruisers
  • Enjoy from the evening programme with a BBQ and an overnight stay at the desert camp
  • Have a thrilling night in the middle of the desert
  • Get pleasure from the sunrise and breakfast the next morning

Feeding camels - Abu Dhabi
Feeding camels

Camel Safari in Abu Dhabi

  • 30 minutes or 1 hour Camel riding tour bookable
  • In the footsteps of the Bedouins
  • Experience camel riding in the desert
  • Relax at the camp after the ride

Private Dune Dinner
We love Abu Dhabi!

Exclusive private Dune Dinner

  • Discover the impressive sand dunes
  • Let us introduce you to the Arabian hospitality
  • Enjoy a private dinner in the dunes of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari
Morning Safari in Abu Dhabi

Morning Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

  • Enjoy the light breeze and the vastness of a desert safari in the early morning
  • Feel the freedom at the sight of the sand seas
  • Abu Dhabi desert safari with Dune bashing (even without possible)

Liwa Safari
Sand Dune of the Liwa Desert

Liwa Day Safari

  • Discover the impressive red sand dunes of the Liwa desert
  • Let us introduce you to the Arabian hospitality
  • Enjoy lunch in the middle of a green oasis in the shade of the big palm trees

Ride Quad Bike in Abu Dhabi
Quad Bike

Quad Bike Tour

  • Pure adrenalin while riding Quad Bikes
  • Experience the endless desert landscape
  • Relax with soft drinks, BBQ and an evening program in the desert camp 
  • This exciting tour is great fun and is also suitable for company events!

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