Observe the "Ring of fire" in LIWA

overnight camping to observe the total eclipse

An unforgettable time in the Liwa desert combined with camping overnight in the middle of the Rub al Khali desert to watch the total solar eclipse the next morning.

  • Camping tour in the Liwa Desert
  • Live BBQ
  • camp fire
  • Overnight in the desert
  • Observation of the total solar eclipse on December 26, 2019, in the morning
  • breakfast

Additional Information:

Available: only December 25, 2019

Duration: 24 hours

Start time: from Abu Dhabi around 11:30 AM

Languages: English, Arabic

Dress code: casual and sporty, with sunglasses and hat to protect against the wind and sand, warm clothes for the night in the tent

Please note: Pregnant women, as well as people with heart or back problems, travel at their own risk. In addition, there are no sanitary facilities in the tent camp, we have water for washing, smaller needs to be done in nature, larger possible on our stops in between

Other: Camera, special glasses for watching the eclipse

Bookable: from 1 adult


üPickup/Drop Hotel, Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 3 (lobby of Premier Inn Hotel) or Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal

üCamping tour to Liwa

üVisit to camel farm

üVisit the Moreeb Dune

üVisit Oasis for having a tea 

üLive Barbecue 

üTraditional Arabian Coffee

üCamp fire

üOvernight in tents, with pillows, blankets, sleeping bags

üWatch the total eclipse in the early morning by sunrise


Not inclusive:

ûTransfer from Dubai or Al Ain (additional cost)


ûother meals as mentioned

ûpersonal expenses


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Watch the total solar eclipse in the Liwa Desert

On December 25, 2019, we will start a camping tour in the direction of the Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi to observe the total solar eclipse the next morning. The first after 172 years!


Here you will find a detailed article. 

The journey to Liwa, about 250 km away, will take about 2.5 hours.


The Liwa Desert Rub Al Khali is also known as "Empty Quarter", which means an empty area. It is huge, and in large part at least deserted.



The sand mountains in the Liwa Desert are impressively high. The best known is the Moreeb dune, where a competition is held every year, where it is attempted to reach the dune crest with vehicles of all kinds and to come down safely. The dune is about 1600 meters long and 120 meters high (the highest in the Rub Al Khali desert). The pitch angle is about 50%. One has the impression that the dune rises almost vertically. That is why the Moreeb dune is also called Tall Mur'ib ("terrible hill").


Maybe you will have the opportunity to observe the beautiful and graceful gazelles. Here they are called "Ghazal".


The Rub Al Khali Desert was also the location for the film Star Wars.


We also visit Oasis. There you can rest a little and enjoy a tea.


After an unforgettable afternoon in the Liwa desert with safari and many photo stops, we arrive at our campsite in the evening. Here we pitch the tents and prepare everything for the BBQ Dinner.


Then experience the night in the dunes. Millions of stars adorn the night sky. At the campfire, you can enjoy the evening.


Then spend the night in a tent under the stars.


The next morning (December 26, 2019) we wake you up in time to observe the total solar eclipse. The event starts at 7 o'clock at sunrise and lasts a total of almost 2.5 hours. For about 2 minutes and 47 seconds, the moon is exactly in the center and it shows the "Ring of Fire".


Then we have breakfast before we break the tents and drive back to Abu Dhabi.

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