Waterski, Weak board, Bananaboat in Abu Dhabi

Watersport Abu Dhabi
Funsport und Wassersport in Abu Dhabi

Here you get your wild water adventure. Fun and water sports are a popular pastime in Abu Dhabi. You can ride wakeboard, flyboard, banana boat, water ski, donut, butterfly or big marble

  • experience the ultimate water adventure
  • Spectators welcome
  • Courses for flyboard, wakeboard and water skiing available

If you want a time for the morning, choose 9 o'clock when ordering, if you want an afternoon ticket, then select 14 o'clock.


After ordering, we check availability and tell you the exact time within 12 hours.


Meeting point is the Traders Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

38 € per 15 minutes


  • Available: daily
  • Duration: 15 minutes drive
  • Solid new equipment, safety vests
  • Waterski, Banana Boat, Flyboard, Wakeboard, Donuts, Big Marble, or Butterfly
  • Start time: from 9 o'clock
  • Do not forget swimwear
  • Spectators welcome
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Experience in Abu Dhabi Fun-Sport

Get the ultimate adventure for those who like to get their adrenaline pumping up:


Water Funsport in Abu Dhabi!

Fun and water sports are very popular.


Let yourself be carried away with your donut or banana boat and enjoy a lot of fun.


If you ride over the waves and spray the spray properly, no hair is guaranteed to stay dry. But at these temperatures you feel the cool wet and the wind rather than pleasant.


For flyboard, weak board and water skiing we also offer training courses (8 x 20 minutes or 4 x 40 minutes)



üonly Tickets, no Transfer

ü15 minutes Ticket

üWeakeboard, Flyboard, Waterski, Bananaboat, Donuts, Big Marble, Butterfly availeble

üKurse for Flyboard, Weak board and Waterski with certified teacher

No inklusive:

ûTransfer from and to the Hotel (Meeting point is the Lobby from Traders Hotel in Abu Dhabi)

Cancellation terms:

  • Purchased tickets can not be canceled anymore

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