Are you still missing the right cosmetics for Your trip?

Cosmetic for your holiday feeling
Kosmetik für dein Urlaubsfeeling

The flights and hotels are booked, the first tours are chosen, the suitcases are packed, what's missing? Correct! The right cosmetics for Your jurney! But do not worry, we have the right offers ready for You.

Whether you want to magically wipe away the eye wrinkles from the long flight hours, impress with long eyelashes and full lips or to be an eye-catcher on the beach with beautiful legs - we have a solution for every problem.

The ingredients are purely herbal and without animal testing.


Click through our offers and experience the before-and-after WOW effect!

Dark circles after the long flight?

... no problem!


The Instant Lift Eye Cream can provide an immediately visible smooth and shining eye part. Helps reduce wrinkles, eye rings, dark circles and swelling immediately. Absolutely essential if You want an immediate eye lift. The amazing result can last up to 8 hours.

Instant Lifting Eye Cream
Instant Lifting Eye Cream

Full lips without the help of needls

 This intense Lip gloss with 3D effect can give Your lips immediately visible volume and create expressive dream lips.


The combination of activating ingredients with vegetable extracts and peptides lets your lips appear more voluminous and more sensual. With regular use, the highgrade active ingredients stimulate the regeneration of collagen and hyaluron, which can grant Your lips firmness and volume also in the long term.

Volume 4 Lips Gloss Transparent
Volume 4 Lips Gloss Transparent

You want to look younger permanently?

This lifting care product has intense effect against wrinkles and irregularities for stressed and irritated skin. The combination of different algae extracts and liposomal hyaluron reduce quickly and long lasting the appearance of even deep wrinkles.


Past damages fade, epidermal cells are stimulated to divide and rejouvenate themselves, and new cells are strenghtened and protected. Your skin looks evenly smoothed, refined and pure.

Xtreme 4 Minutes Lift
Xtreme 4 Minutes Lift

Say Bye-Bye to Your cellulite

 Combinations of active ingredients which can improve cellulite quickly and enduring with a 6-step-process. Important steps are step 4 and 5. Here the fat burning and shrinking of the expanded fat cells takes place. After 1 week the initial reddening and feeling of warmth will reduce – a sign that the fat burning is now at full blast.


By shrinking of the fat depots the protrusions and pockets are visibly evened and the appearance of cellulite permanently alleviated.


ByeByeCellulite contains unique, plant-based raw materials with a 6-fold action plan:


  • Visible increase in blood circulation (reddening of the skin).
  • Sensible heat development.
  • Improvement of care.
  • Smoothing the skin.
  • Strengthening the skin structure.
  • Harmonization of skin complexion.

Bodylifting without a scalpel

 The power effect is created by highly concentrated plant extracts and circulation-promoting raw materials. The interaction of these active substances contributes to the reduction of volume and substance of the skin, the structures are strengthened and harmonized.


The effect of the powerful cream can be comparable to a body lift.

Lipo Sculp
Lipo Sculp

Always think of enough sun protection

You have booked our Liwa safari, camel trekking, dunebashing or other day trips? Or do You just want to relax on the beach? Then You should not forget our Juchheim sunscreen!


The higher sun protection factor SPF 30 is ideal for every type of skin. Organic Ageless Sun provides a global anti-aging formula with natural active ingredients, that help prevent wrinkles, smooth the skin and balance the moisture loss.


Natural sun filters provide optimal protection and ensure an even tanning.


Sun care lotion for a naturally tanned complexion:


  • free of parabenes
  • free of paraffins
  • free of silicones
  • free of chemical UV filters
Organic Ageless Sun - Sun Care Lotion
Organic Ageless Sun - Sun Care Lotion

Eyelashes everyone will fall in love with

 This highly active lash serum fulfills Your dream of ravinglishly long lashes with volume. The application with the eyeliner pen (no brush) is simple and uncomplicated. With just one stroke the optimum amount can be applied to the lash line. For each lid one single stroke is enough. No burning, no reddings, You normally do not feel anything.


Nevertheless, already after a few days the lashes start to grow. In general, the lash growth can be seen after 2 weeks.

After 4 weeks You certainly will be approached regarding Your wonderful long and full lashes.

In most cases the maximum length is reached after 3 months.


Taken from the pharmaceutical field and further developed for the cosmetic branch, the central active ingredient MDM included in the Long Lash Serum fulfills quickly and uncomplicated the beauty dream of many women of long, opulent lashes. The active ingredients in the serum are proven for many years and are well-tolerated.

Long Lash Effect Serum
Long Lash Effect Serum

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