Dubai - desert safari

Heritage desert safari Dubai
Heritage desert safari Dubai

Desert safaris are a particularly popular highlight. Discover the sand dunes around Dubai, watch the sun rise or sink. Watch the colors in the sky.


Enjoy the endless expanse, the spectacular scenery, the feeling of freedom and the quiet. Watch local animals at close range, sample the Arabian cuisine and relax with other surprises.

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Desert safaris in Dubai with fat bikes, camels, hot air ballons, vintage 1950` Land Rover

Fatbike Conservation Ride Dubai
FatBiking in Dubai Conversation Reserve

E- FatBike Conservation Tour

An extraordinary desert tour to the nature reserve in the desert for cyclists!

This tour is also suitable for teams and larger groups.


  • from 1 October to 31 May
  • 5 hours tour
  • Hotel transfer from Dubai inclusive
  • FatBikes and equipment included
  • Picnic breakfast included

Hot Air Balloon Safari Dubai
In a Hot Air Balloon to Sunrise

Hot air balloon

Just do it like the majestic hawks - and fly into the sunrise. A hot air balloon flight is an great opportunity to see the golden dunes and the desert animals from above.

  • morning tour 6 hours
  • 1 hour balloon flight
  • Falcon show included
  • Gourmet-breakfast included
  • Wildlife safari included

Heritage Desert Safari Dubai
Safari with a Land Rover

Heritage Safari in Land Rover

Desert tour in an open Land Rover! Rise 50 years into the past and experience the desert.


  • 7-hour-tour from the afternoon
  • Falcon show
  • Animal observation
  • Land Rover Safari
  • BBQ dinner
  • Traditional evening show


Overnight Safari Dubai
Overnight Safari with cosmic journey

Astronomy in the desert

Set off to a cosmic journey and learn everything about the early history of Arabian astronomy and its impressive heritage.

  • Private tour just for you!
  • 5-hour-tour
  • Transfer from your hotel included
  • BBQ dinner with soft drinks

Coupon as a present
Gift Coupon

Coupon as a present

Are you asking yourself: What would be the perfect present...? 


First thoughts: Socks? Scarf? Kitchen ware? Decoration?


With an Emirates4you Tour & Safari coupon you will gift joy, fun, togetherness, happy memories...


Suitable for every budget!

Camel riding in Dubai
Ride a Camel in Dubai

Camel Trekking Dubai

Travel back 50 years into the past. Back then camels were the most common way of transport. Enjoy the peace and and quiet of the desert during a 45-minutes-camel ride.

  • 7-hour-tour
  • Transfer from your hotel in Dubai included
  • Dinner with soup, salad, appetisers, BBQ and dessert

Overnight Safari Dubai
FatBike Overnight Safari

Overnight in the Desert

  • E- FatBike Safari
  • Delicious BBQ dinner in the evening
  • Overnight in a tent in the middle of the desert
  • Sunrise the next morning
  • Gourmet breakfast

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