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Dear visitors, we can promise you that your stay in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the Emirate of Dubai becomes a lifetime experience because we have arranged many many fantastic tours for you. Explore with us the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and the oasis city of Al Ain, which is a part of Abu Dhabi. Tradition and modernity go very much hand in hand here - the stunning skyline of skyscrapers, the architecture that has no equal - and in between you will find traditional forts and markets and a lot of nice museums which preserve history. 

If you want to experience the enchanting mysteries of the Arabian Peninsula, we can be at your assistance - with our special tour offers for your journeys in the United Arab Emirates, directly at the Arabian Gulf!

Life in the Emirates has many facets of life, just waiting to be explored by you. So we have arranged many different tours for you to discover the breathtaking scenery as well as the local tradition and culture. 

Especially popular are our desert safaris:  Let yourself be rocked by a camel through the eternal sands or climb the dune crests at adventurous dune-bashing in a 4x4 Land Cruiser.  Our desert safaris will take you to Al Khatim or to the Liwa desert. Feel the vastness and freedom, marvel at the play of colors on the horizon at sunrise and sunset, get on a camel for a ride in the desert and experience the adrenalin kick while Dune bashing - an adventurous journey in a 4x4 Land Cruiser along the dunes.


Together with you we will welcome the New Year, you will experience our New Year's party`s in the desert of Abu Dhabi or Dubai!

Best service for your dream holiday in the United Arab Emirates

Of course, safaris are by far not the only events which can be found in the UAE. We can offer you endless possibilities:  go on trips to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, so you can admire the vibrant life and the cultural wealth of those cities, view impressive sights there or go back deep into the traditional roots of the United Arab Emirates. The Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi is also a very popular destination.


Our most booked Activities are, among others:

If you prefer excursions in the wilderness and want to experience the fauna of the region, we also have exciting offers. Enjoy fishing in the Persian Gulf or steer your kayak between the mangroves. In the "Falcon Hospital" you can ask experts to show you more about the graceful hawks, which are honored in this country very much. 


Feel free to customize your individual tour. Let us know about your wishes and we will arrange an individual tour according to your preference. This way larger groups, private parties and corporate events can be perfectly planned and made.

The well trained, multi-lingual Emirates4you Tour&Safari Team will always select the best travel experience for you - that is our promise. Our Tours & Safaris have been compiled with great care, however, are not written in stone: if you have any special wishes for your holiday, we will arrange an individual offer for you to make your trip really unique. We offer customized, larger social gatherings, business events and parties according to your special request as well. 


Emirates4you is the perfect partner for your dream holiday:

  • Diversified portfolio of safari, city, boat and wildlife tours
  • Creation of individual tours and events according to your special wishes
  • Motivated staff and tour managers
  • All-round service, including flight tickets and hotel agencies

If requested, we will arrange everything for you through our agency at booking holiday packages, flight tickets and hotel rooms. 

Emirates4you Tour & Safari - we will turn your holiday in the UAE into an unforgettable experience!

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