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individual traveling
Individual journey worldwide

What`s are travel biulding blocks?


Enjoy the advantages of the extensive and worldwide offer of individual travel components such as flights, hotels, activities, car rent, etc. and put together your own individual journey.



The special thing: your individual journey is guaranted, like in a package holiday, with a security certificate.

How about a stopover in Abu Dhabi and then continue to the beach in Sri Lanka? Or maybe a tour to all European capitals? Or a roundtrip in India? Or even a journey around the world?

That's all possible with us!


Choose from over 5,000 different destinations for your next vacation


You are not sure yet where your next trip will go?


Just browse through the ideas and let yourself be inspired. Each of these travel suggestions can later be changed, e.g. another departure airport, another airline, another hotel, more or less excursions etc.


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